Community Interview: Eddy’s Tomb Raider Channel

Community Interview: Eddy’s Tomb Raider Channel

Say Hello to Eddy from Bulgaria, a 21 year old vocalist for the choir of the Ruse State Opera who also happens to be a Tomb Raider secret agent: He has the skills and patience to find all the secret areas which even Lara Croft didn’t know about — yet.
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Tomb Raider Anniversary: Unused, Beta & deleted playable cutscene — one of Eddy’s many videos.

First of all: Can you explain what you do in a few sentences (and for not so tech-savvy users)?

I’m doing Tomb Raider videos with topics like „Glitched“, „Beta“, „Unused“, „Death Scenes“ or sometimes I also make funny XNA animations etc.

When did you first get in touch with Tomb Raider and what fascinated you about it?

When I was young my father played the classic Tomb Raider games (2-5, but without TR1) and I found it kind of interesting. The first game I ever played was Tomb Raider 2, but it was quite difficult to master for me and I would fail many times before I finished a game. I’m very impressed by the Tomb Raider games with all the combat action, puzzles, nice locations, artifact and many other things.

What is your favorite Tomb Raider game and why?

My favorite Tomb Raider is Tomb Raider 4 and 5. Those are my favorite ones because of the Egyptian gods, the history, beautiful locations, the architecture, the art and many other things. I love both games.

You seem to have lots of passion for what you do and your first video is from three years ago. What keeps your fascination alive?

Three years ago, after I finished TR 2013, I decided to make a Tomb Raider glitch, secret area & shortcut video on YouTube to interest all YouTubers in discovering Tomb Raider themselves. Today I still continue to make more glitch-videos and I’m still very curious about those glitches. The first time I saw one was how to get the roof in Tomb Raider 2 by using the corner bug and this shocked me. Without those glitches it would never have been possible.

If you had to pick a favorite video from your YouTube channel, which one would it be and why?

My favorite video of my channel is Adventure of Crazy Ireland 2 (Return to the Crazy Ireland). I love to make Halloween Specials and I decided to make a Halloween series of Crazy Ireland and the second series is much better than the old one I think.

How do you get access to Beta and even Alpha versions of the games?

I found it on with full Alpha and Beta games, including the Iso Zone for Tomb Raider Legend Beta Demo PS2. Most information of Tomb Raider development I found on Unseen 64.

How do you find all these glitches and secret rooms and how much time do you spend on one video?

I found all glitches, secret areas & shortcuts on Tomb Raider forums and the hungarian Tomb Raider website Tomb Raider Bugs & Curiosities. It takes me around two hours to record and make a Tomb Raider video.

What will your next project be?

My next projects are:

  • Tomb Raider 2013, Rise of the Tomb Raider: glitch, secret area & shortcut; Unused, Beta & deleted.
  • Adventure of Crazy Ireland 3 (The Death of the Crazy Nightmare)
  • The Kanker’s Sister: At The Kevin’s House on TV?
  • Sailor Raider Series

Sometime in the future I hope to make a Level Editor for Tomb Raider 4 Gold and 5 Revised, and Gold.

Thanks Eddy for answering our questions!

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